Keith Davis - Violin Maker, My "parent" site, with information on how to get to my shop in Hammond, Louisiana.

Island Piper, Another one of my sites - this one is about my other profession and another passion, Bagpiping.

Luthier's Friend(TM), From Ken Picou, maker of the Robo-Sander(TM). An essential tool for the independent luthier. A necessity for the serious modeler.

Fine Hand Engraving by Sam Alfano, Sam has been a professional hand engraver since 1981, and his site features many examples of his work. He also teaches engraving.

Taylor Horn , 12 yr. old recording artist and actress from Kentwood, Louisiana who is working on her 3rd CD!

Dennis Havlena , historical curator at Fort Mackinac, has an interesting page of musical instruments,ideas, plans, etc. A must see site!

Dave Morehouse, has been playing guitar for the last forty years. Over the years he fell in love with every instrument he ever picked up and was driven to learn to play (And own!) each of them. Today he owns and plays a variety of stringed, bowed, reed, and blown instruments.

Casa Del Sol Violins   Indiana's premium violin shop!

Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra   One of the very best teaching and performance programs for young musicians in the entire country!

The hangout of Uncle Tim, Guitarist and instructor extraordinaire. Visit here for a good time.

Chuck Rogers Consulting   Yes, I know that statistics show MOST people own IBM clones... Statistics also show that people who really enjoy their computers usually own a Mac! For solutions to business problems, and great tech support, visit Chuck Rogers Consulting... these people really know what they are doing and with their small-town-style of doing business you will feel like family. No kidding!