RM-LiteModel RM

Based roughly on an old Regal Mandolin built in the 1920's, this instrument has a flat back and top (much like the original), but with a slight arch for strength and projection. The RM is usually made of mahogany and cypress. Price: $1100

Model RM Lite

This is the same as the model RM, except it has MOP accents on the top binding only. Price: $875

Model CMCM

This instrument is made with the same outline and measurements as the CM, but sports a fully carved back and belly. This provides a brighter tone, and is physically stronger. The carved plates give the CM a greater internal air volume and thus a bigger, "beefier" sound. Price: $1,950

BMModel BM

Our Blues Mandolin, made to play the blues better than your average mandolin. The BM has a deeper body, big sustain, and a slightly wider fingerboard for easier bending of notes.

Price: $1,200

Model FM

This beautiful instrument is based on the time-tested "F" style. Crafter in mahogany and spruce with Abalone accents, an Ebony fingerboard, and gold-colored hardware and machines. This model is still in development, but is destined to be our finest mandolin, both in appearance and sound. We expect our first units to be available in August of 2005. Price (approximate): $3000